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The Gift of Time

The Gift of Time
Gift of Time

What does that mean – the gift of time? Have you ever opened a package with time in it? (Chuckle, chortle, grin.) Time is an amazing thing. How many volumes are there regarding time? Let me pick a few ideas for you to jump around in.

From a scientific perspective, time is both linear and parallel. As human beings, we mostly think of time from a linear standpoint. We have this moment. Oops, that moment’s gone now. Blink and instantly we’re experiencing the next moment. It happens in a flash – doesn’t it?

Now about that parallel time viewpoint. This is where things are happening at the same time. For example, you are living your life at the same time I’m living my life. I know, it’s deep.

Is it possible for us to live in parallel times? That’s an interesting question. Scientifically, energy, time, and space are all happening all around us. I’m writing these ideas and they live in this moment while I’m writing them. At the same time, someone is reading about time as I write. In a linear framework, I have to write the ideas down before someone reads them. But when written, ideas are available to experience by more than one person at the same time.

Hang on for the ride. I’m a linear human trying to articulate the idea that at the moment that I’m writing this, I can also see someone reading it. Wait a minute Alexis! What are you trying to say here? It happens in parallel and simultaneously. Whaaaat?

It’s interesting to play with time. The gift of time is amazing. In one moment we feel terror, and in the very next moment, we can feel peace. Is it possible to feel both at the same time? Do we just pop around from one to the other in different instances, or is it possible to feel them both at the same time?

Time helps that skinned knee to hurt in one moment, and then completely healed in another. It gives us childhood and adulthood. Time can crawl from one moment to the next, and it can zip by in a flash. Wow! In the time it took for you to read this little musing, you could have also enjoyed a cup of tea.

Okay, okay — I’m not writing a thesis here, just exploring some ideas. Perhaps you had some interesting ideas while I strung these words together. What time is it? Got some ideas about time you’d like to share?

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay