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Whispers of Love

365 Wonder-Filled Prayers for Grandma
A Year of Delightful Conversations with God

This book is a year of delightful conversations with God which serves as a touching testament to the irreplaceable bond between grandmothers and their grandchildren. This book by Alexis Faere offers not just prayers but also a spiritual journey designed to deepen this precious relationship. Buy Now

Whispers of Love

What sets this book apart is Faere’s whimsical approach to prayer. With a pen dipped in grace and humor, she opens up spiritual spaces where readers can pour out their love, fears, hopes, and gratitude. Whether you are a grandmother yourself, have the privilege of having one, or miss the one who once was, this book offers you a spiritual hug. Each prayer creates a safe space where grandmothers can feel seen, not just as the matriarchs but also as women with dreams, vulnerabilities, and untold stories.

The prayers are not just mere words but are crafted as wonder-filled conversations with God. They are short, daily dialogues that ask for blessings, express thankfulness, and sometimes even share a chuckle or two with the divine. They are simple enough to be understood by readers of all ages, yet profound enough to touch the soul.

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In an age of instant messages and fleeting connections, “Whispers of Love” invites you to pause and appreciate the often-overlooked beauty of a grandmother’s wisdom, the warmth of her hug, or the value of her unconditional love. It encourages the young to connect with their roots and the older generation to feel acknowledged and cherished.

Moreover, each prayer offers new layers of understanding and emotion, encouraging reflection and internal dialogue. The book serves as a reminder that in the maze of our busy lives, taking a few minutes to talk to God about one of the most precious relationships we have can offer solace, impart strength, and even mend emotional gaps that time or distance may have created.

For those who yearn for the grandmothers they’ve lost, “Whispers of Love” offers a form of connection and a sense of continuity. Each prayer becomes a whisper that crosses the boundaries of the earthly and the divine, reassuring us that love, especially the love of a grandmother, knows no limits.

In summary, “Whispers of Love” is a heartwarming treasury that provides a daily avenue for prayer, reflection, and emotional sustenance, reminding us all to cherish the irreplaceable relationship with our grandmothers.

“This book is a balm for my soul!! As I read each word, I could feel my own heart quietly awaken as my mind drifted to others I know and as I said my own prayer for them! What a blessing this will be for ‘all ages’ who might use it for their own faith journey, blessing, and relationships.” —Dr. Randy Wild

“As a child, my grandmother taught by example what it means to love without condition. Now that I am a grandmother, I can only hope to fill that role with the same grace, wit, and wisdom. Whispers of Love captures the uniqueness of this relationship perfectly.” —Melinda Folse

“In Whispers of Love, I love how Alexis expresses her love for her grandma in such a creative way, using a dash of humor. This book is very creative and such a joy to read. May this book inspire others to let their grandmas know how much they are loved.” —Elizabeth Moncus

I really didn’t know my grandmothers, but I get to enjoy yours, through this book. After enjoying snatches of Whispers of Love, I look forward to adding this to my daily walk and devotional time. This is a treasure chest of jewels, for so many. —P. Taylor