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Hello 2023!

Hello 2023!

Hello 2023, and thank you (universe) for this next set of days, weeks, and months for us to unravel! Happy New Year, everyone!

What excites you about 2023? Yes, I know, another year rolls around. The prospect of new intentions, new goals, and fresh adventures creates a certain bubble of excitement and potential. It’s a contagious energy I enjoy savoring.

At the beginning of a new year, I enjoy making a list of intentions. These might include goals, new habits I want to establish, I even include some targets for developing my soul. Then, each week, I take a few moments to review my list and note my progress. Sometimes, at the beginning of a year, my intentions may be clear to go in one direction, and then as the days and weeks unfold, my direction might shift or change. That’s all good. The marvelous thing about intentions is they can be as fluid or rigid as you choose for them to be.

Reviewing these ambitions regularly keeps the excitement fresh. You probably notice that after the newness of something wears off, the energy of it changes. Revisiting my intentions revitalizes them. I keep the ‘new year’ energy present in my review to be sure the pilot lights are still burning bright. How do you do that? What do you do to keep this sparkling fresh energy alive while keeping your aspirations in focus?

I focus on my yearly wish list in terms of intentions, rather than resolutions. Sometimes a resolution is the right ambition, but I like the energy that comes from following an intention. It focuses my target from a positive perspective, and I feel like I’m actively pursuing what I want. That’s juicy, good, yummy living!

Whatever your picture is for 2023, I’m sending you the best of fortune as life unfolds and moves forward.

Image by annca from Pixabay