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Plans, Priorities and Promises

Plans, Priorities and Promises
Plans and Priorities

Plans, Priorities, and Promises – “I’ll get to that someday”… Have you ever whispered those familiar words to your soul? It’s akin to placing a tiny bookmark in the pages of your life, an open invitation to a future rendezvous with your aspirations. But have you paused, if only for a moment, to contemplate the weight of those ‘somedays’? How many unwritten chapters and deferred dreams are ensnared within the delicate threads of that mental bookmark list? As I sit here, immersed in introspection, I find myself caught in the intricate dance of accomplishment and hesitation.

Allow me to share my narrative. My list, once teeming with ‘somedays,’ has gradually dwindled since the day I bid adieu to the corporate hustle. A tapestry of checked boxes now adorns my life’s canvas. Yet, lurking beneath the surface, a subtle suspicion lingers, whispering that certain ‘somedays’ may forever remain imprisoned in the dungeons of hesitation.

It’s an inquiry worthy of our contemplation: What lies within our grasp, waiting to infuse our existence with vitality? Are there ‘somedays’ that can be transformed into ‘today’? Life, with all its complexities, often necessitates pausing the pursuit of dreams. However, when those dreams possess the potential to enrich our lives, it becomes imperative to unearth the time to set them free.

Consider this scenario: Amidst the whirlwind of a hectic workday, an extraneous thought flits through your mind—an idea to create a memorable moment with your loved ones. Yet, as the day’s frenzy subsides, weariness sets in, and the dream is shelved with a promise, “One day, I’ll make it happen.” Time, the elusive companion, intervenes, and ‘one day’ transforms into many, the moments slipping away, unforgiving and irreversible. (plans priorities and promises of someday)

Now, let us shift our gaze to a different facet of this complex tapestry. “Someday, I’ll traverse a trail in Bryce Canyon,” I once vowed to myself. Now, in the embrace of retirement, living a life harmonized with my dreams, that particular pilgrimage seems elusive, a dream deferred. Instead, I’ve found myself on a different journey, walking on my treadmill, venturing to distant landscapes through virtual exploration—a compromise, a shift in perspective. The ‘someday’ Bryce Canyon bookmark is now poised for liberation, having served its purpose without regret.

So, what shall we do with our plans, priorities, and promises? Carve out a sanctuary within your calendar, a respite from the hustle and bustle, dedicated to nurturing your cherished ‘somedays.’ In doing so, these dreams cease to be mere bookmarks; they morph into living chapters, breathing life into your life’s story. No longer relegated to the dusty corners of your consciousness, they emerge, reinvigorated by your attention.

Let’s embark on a journey, not solely across geographical terrain but through the vast landscapes of our hearts and aspirations. Let us be diligent curators of our ‘someday’ list, ensuring that our dreams do not languish, awaiting a distant future that may never come. They deserve to be experienced, cherished, and celebrated. The canvas of our existence is too expansive to be obscured by procrastination. Are you ready to transform those ‘somedays’ into ‘todays’? I encourage you to begin checking-off those ‘somedays’ and fulfill the dreams of your life.