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About that Full Cup

About that Full Cup
about that full cup

How full is your cup? Some days it’s billowing over. Maybe some days it’s empty. Some days it’s just hanging in there at half — either full or empty. Perception indeed impacts how you perceive your cup; full or empty. Are you a ‘full cupper’ or an ‘empty cupper’?

All that aside, when your cup is bursting, what happens? If your cup is over brimming, what happens to the abundance when it spills all over the place? I like to think when my cup ‘overflows’ it spills over into another’s cup. Perhaps the goodness that comes from your full cup spills over to help fill someone else’s cup that is not so full. Can your oozing joy, excitement, love, kindness, and peace help to bring joy, excitement, love, kindness, and peace to someone else? I think it can.

Consider for a moment what is in your cup. If you fill your cup with rocks, is there room for anything else? Add a little sand. Does that fit with your rocks? Of course! So, is it possible when we organize what’s in our cup, we can arrange it in a way that there’s always room for more? If you put the sand in your cup first, is there still room for the sand? Hmmm. Points to ponder!

It seems to me this is a natural thing in our universe. We all give and take from one another. When I find myself around someone who is super motivated, that motivation seems to carry over into my motivation. My abundant love spills over naturally and tends to extend to others who could use a little love. When I experience kindness, there’s a part of me that wants to share that with others around me. Not as a recognition, but more like spreading the wealth.

So, tell me about your full cups…How does your full cup help to fill someone else’s cup? Experiment with it. See how it feels when your cup spills over into another. What’s in your full cup?

Image by pasja1000 from Pixabay