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Uneasy is an interesting emotion to explore. Occasionally, uneasy looks like approaching the edge of a cliff, being sure each step is stable. Other times it looks more like venturing off into something new with lots of unanswered questions. What does it look like to you?

Let’s go a little deeper. When I feel uneasy, I see a mirage of caution flags waving in the foreground. It feels tentative. I suspect a good portion of it comes from my lifelong journey with trust (or the lack thereof). That trust thing is a whole separate topic, but it applies here.

When I feel uneasy, my knees feel unstable. Sometimes I feel it in the pit of my stomach. For those of you who may experience a fear of heights, it’s almost fear-like; similar to butterflies in your core when something feels less than safe.

This Uneasy emotion has a variety of functions. In one moment, it shows danger which invites us to consider and make choices. Those choices might be physical or they might be more psychological.

Another function might be a driving force for us to do something thrilling. For example, I feel uneasy writing about certain topics. This unsureness drives me to consider consequences and opportunities that might arise because of stepping into one puddle or another. The trill of the splash might be the perfect option in one setting, or it might be the makings of a perfect mess. It’s an interesting and colorful dance.

What does feeling uneasy look like for you? How does it manifest physically in your body? When you feel uneasy, how is it serving you? Here’s some padding to keep you safe as you explore what feeling uneasy is all about.

Emotions are like clouds in the sky…

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Image by Gerald Friedrich from Pixabay