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What does irritation look like? Have you ever been outside to enjoy a sunrise or sunset, and the flies just won’t leave you alone? Pesky little buggers! You’re just going about your business and the flies keep pestering you! AAAAAA! That’s what irritation looks like to me.

The irritation makes me want to shout, “Just leave me alone!” “Back off!” I feel it all over my body, like with flies. It feels like they’re all over me, even when they are not there. “Just stop it!”, I want to shout! Picture this, getting zeroed in and focused, and the interruptions keep hounding you. Ugh! Irritating!

My body feels irritation in my abdomen and extremities. The inside of my belly feels scratchy, like the fuzz on the television when a station struggles to broadcast clearly. My arms and legs feel unsettled, like they haven’t found the right position.

What is the function of Irritation? Is it possible that when something is irritating you, it is calling for you to pay attention to something? Perhaps someone is helping you with laundry, and they just can’t seem to fold your underwear the way you like for it to be folded. What is the message there? Why does that irritate you? Is someone vying for your attention just because? Perhaps s/he is just baiting you for some conversation. Or maybe those flies are simply wanting to be part of something bigger than themselves. When you think about something that irritates you, if it had a bigger purpose, what do you suppose that might be?

Let’s imagine what sort of constructive message irritation offers. What does it look like to you? How does it feel to you? What on earth is the function of irritation? How might you tweak it to function in your best interest?

Whatever you might be feeling, remember feelings make you human…

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