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Corporate Paid Dreams

Corporate Paid Dreams
Corporate Paid Dream

Thirty years of navigating the unpredictable tides of the corporate sea. All the while, tucked away in the innermost chamber of my heart was a sanctuary. A sanctuary filled with unwritten words, untold stories, an entire universe begging to be birthed onto the page.

It was a long haul, one filled with battles and skirmishes. The complexities of co-worker relations, the intricacies of maneuvering around bosses with unpredictable temperaments, and the relentless job requirements that seemed to never cease. I climbed the ladder, not out of a desire for corporate glory, but because each rung brought me closer to my ultimate goal. I wanted a life awash in the hues of creativity. Free from the monochrome confines of the nine-to-five.

Every promotion, every salary increase was a stepping stone. I was trading present discomfort for future freedom. The financial security and the retirement benefits were not just numbers on a spreadsheet. They were a ticket to a life where my days would begin not with conference calls but with the click-clack of a keyboard. I am now weaving worlds out of words.

I was more than just a project manager. I was a dream manager, tending to my aspirations with the same care and meticulous planning I applied to multi-million-dollar projects. I was ethical, not just because the corporate handbook said so, but because integrity would be the cornerstone of my future works. I was caring and inviting, not merely to foster a positive work environment, but because I knew the quality of my soul would eventually echo in the quality of my prose.

I was willing to pay the price of years of corporate stress. But what’s three decades compared to  spending the rest of my life doing what I love? My corporate life was the chrysalis, a necessary confinement that amassed the resources I’d need for my next adventure. Now as I type out my memoirs, undisturbed by emails or deadlines, I realize that every moment was worth it. I’m free to explore the endless landscapes of my imagination. It’s a freedom I’ve earned, and one I cherish every single day.

Jerome Grey, contributing author