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Curious Cantaloupe and Petunia Project Manager

Curious Cantaloupe and Petunia Project Manager
Project Manager

This is a brief story about Curious Cantaloupe and Petunia Project Manager, the value of celebrations, and acknowledging one of our biggest resources – people. Shall we jump in?

Cantaloupe: When was the last time you celebrated the small stuff with your project team? How is your team’s morale?

Petunia: I only celebrate at the end of a project to reward people for their good works. We’re all working hard.

Cantaloupe: No project gets done by completing large milestones alone. Yes, we’re all working hard. Consider for a moment all the little steps that lead up to the completion of a milestone. Aren’t those successes, too?

Petunia: Well, yes, of course. But it’s a far cry from the completed work my superiors are looking for.

Cantaloupe: How does it feel when your superior pats you on the back, or even simply says ‘Thank you’?

Petunia: I feel motivated to do more. I enjoy being seen and recognized, and it makes me want to do even more. I want to help my boss succeed too.

Cantaloupe: Is it possible that your team also feels the same way? Try it. “Thank you for putting this information together. It is helping us to propel this company to greatness.” “Thank you for giving yourself a break so that your focused effort helps us to reach our goal.” “Thank you for speaking up about this; these are important points for us to be aware of.”

Your gratitude is a multiplier for helping your team feel its greatness. When your team feels great, they will move mountains.

Petunia: Thank you for being curious, Cantaloupe. You help me to be a better leader.

… and they accomplished humongous things, and they liked what they were doing together…

Photo by wewe yang