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When you feel Lonely, what does that look like? To me, it is like a crab burrowing in the sand, hiding from the world. It is like wrapping myself in a shroud that keeps me separate from the rest of the world. Sometimes the shroud looks like a shield as if it is protecting me from something, and other times it’s more like Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak – it keeps me hidden from view, but I can still see what’s going on around me.

When I feel Lonely, I feel like I’m all alone; hidden in the masses unseen. Being inside that cover of loneliness feels protective, but inconspicuous. My heart feels wanting and unworthy.

Now, what in the world is the function of Loneliness when I feel it? I think for me it functions to keep me hidden. But, if I look at it a little deeper, if it is somehow hiding me, perhaps it is inviting me to take a closer look at myself. Perhaps it is telling me how deliciously unique I am. I don’t have to ‘be like everyone else’ to be noticed, recognized, or seen. I can be unique and still be someone useful in the world, whether or not someone else sees it.

Is it okay for me to feel lonely and seen? I would say yes. If I choose to recognize it as isolation, my experience will be one sort of symphony. If I choose to recognize my uniqueness within it, the symphony might sound a little differently.

Here’s a flashlight for you to explore your loneliness. What does lonely look like? How does it feel? What is its function in your life? Can you see any gift that comes from being lonely?

Feelings are our guides through the amazing and complex woods of being human…

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