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When you think about Kindness, what does it look like? I see someone patiently helping an older person through a door. Picture someone who takes the time to say thank you or listens to you sincerely. Kindness looks like someone harvesting food for our grocery stores, and those who often thanklessly repair our roads.

When you experience Kindness, where do you feel it in your body? How does it smell, or what does it sound like? I feel Kindness in my chest and heart. Delivering or receiving Kindness warms my soul; my eyes and face smile. When I receive kindness, I feel love and care. When I exercise kindness, I feel generous and accepting. It feels like my heart is extending to someone else to touch another person soulfully.

Hmmm. Kindness functions to remind me how indelibly connected we are to each other, and nature. It is a vehicle for extending one heart to another. It is like a web of goodness that keeps our world a nice place to be. Imagine the earth being cradled in a hammock of comfort, care, and understanding. Imagine someone holding you in the open palms of their hands. Kindness generates energy for these images to come alive.

Upon receiving kindness, I have a natural tendency to want to respond in kind. When I deliver this goodness to others, my heart feels like a contributing member of a wholesome community. The warmth of kindness touches those who observe it, whether we are aware of its effects of it or not.

Welcome to the kindness party! (No invitations required.) Share how you experience kindness. What does it look like? How does it feel? When you feel kindness, how does it function in your universe? What is its gift?

Feelings define who we are and deserve recognition…

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Image by Screamenteagle from Pixabay