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Do you remember the last time everything felt aligned and working well, and you felt peace in your life every day? That’s what happiness looks like to me. What does happiness look like to you? Perhaps it is when you had the sillies, and you felt like you just couldn’t stop laughing. That’s what happiness looks like to me, too.

What does Happy feel like? Where do you feel it in your body? When I’m happy, my face has a perpetual, natural smile. My heart feels light and peace-full. Happy feels like all is right with the world and there’s nothing that can deter me from my happy trail. If humans could purr, that’s what happiness feels like. To coin the phrase, it feels right as rain.

What is the function of Happy? For me, happiness functions to help me take myself less seriously. It helps me to see the joy in the world, around me, and far, far away, too. This feeling makes my body feel comfortable and capable. Happiness also functions to be an unknowing beam of light for others.

Another function of happiness is health and well-being. My body feels good when I’m happy. My soul feels full and sated. There is a certain alignment between my heart and body that happens when I feel happy. Happiness keeps life dramas in perspective and transforms those theatrics into stepping stones. It is the momentum that drives one foot to move in front of the other and on to the next thing.

What is happiness all about for you? Is it okay for you to feel happy? Tell me, what is happy like for you? How does it feel? What does it look like? How does feeling happy function for you?

We are feeling beings with feeling hearts…

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