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Jealousy, to me, looks like a cowering posture that says “I’m inadequate”, or “I’m doing something wrong”, or “I’m less than in some capacity”. What does it look like to you? Perhaps it comes in shades of green, like envy. Do you ever feel jealous about someone traveling to a destination where you’d like to go? Or, maybe your jealousy looks like wanting an article of clothing for yourself that someone else has.

I feel Jealousy in my arms and shoulders. They feel like they have to protect me somehow from the comparison of myself to someone else or my actions to someone else’s actions. Jealously feels like I’m not enough. Perhaps someone is sharing about a spectacular trip to a place I long to experience myself. It is easy for me to retort, “I’m so jealous!” But what does that mean?

Sure, it could look like wanting something for yourself that you see in someone else. That is not a bad thing. Is jealousy bad? Or is it an invitation to set a goal for yourself? I think when we live from a jealous perspective, that can be destructive. However, if we use it as a tool to explore, it can bring us gifts that otherwise go unnoticed.

I think Jealousy could function to remind me to take part in another person’s joy or excitement, instead of flogging myself about something that might be missing or somehow incomplete or feeble. When I recognize Jealousy, I can focus that on an opportunity to acknowledge greatness in another being, and see a piece of my greatness.

What is your jealousy all about? Show me a picture of what jealousy looks like to you. How does it feel? What is the gift of jealousy?

Our stories about our feelings make us deeply acquainted with who we are…

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio