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What does feeling thankful look like? I see it as someone who says the right thing at the perfect moment. I’ve experienced it as a project closing that I thought would never end. Perhaps thankful looks like a home to live in or a delightful meal to enjoy. Thankful sometimes looks like a hug or a wound that healed.

When I feel thankful, my heart sparkles. Where do you feel it in your body? Sometimes I feel it in my face as my eyes soften and a smile gently surfaces. I felt it once when the cast came off my broken wrist and I could move it once again. Thank you, body, for healing. Sometimes feeling thankful is like breathing fresh air, or my body warms from a nice cup of hot tea.

What is the function of feeling thankful? Recognizing gratitude is a great way to remember the blessings we have in our lives. I find when I feel it, stresses diminish and acceptance bubbles up. I like to think that feeling thankful functions as reminders of what I want in my life. Who doesn’t need reminders? These reminders help me stay focused on what is important in my life and that feels nice.

Upon receiving gratitude, I want to respond in kind. Sometimes, though, it’s nice to let it soak in and feel it settle into my core. It’s like a warm blanket of appreciation. There are times, too, when I feel gratitude with no spoken words. Feeling thankful for someone or something doesn’t always require being verbalized. This energy draws more of what I want in my life. It changes the way I see the world around me and helps me stay focused on the quality of life I desire.

As timing would have it, a year is coming to a close and I’m feeling thankful for having another year of experiences under my belt and new ones on the horizon. What does feeling thankful look like for you? How does it feel? What’s its function? I’m thankful to you for reading my words. I hope they are a gift for you.

Feelings add color to the canvas of our lives…

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