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Book Titles That Tell a Story

Book Titles That Tell a Story
Book Titles That Tell Story

There is a great little sandwich cafe in Glen Rose, Texas called The Storiebook Cafe. When I came across it, I fell in love with the writer/reader atmosphere of the quaint old car dealership-converted cafe. While I enjoyed my Greek salad, along with a nice warm cup of tea, I began to gaze upon the books lining the walls of the stone structure. I came across some very intriguing titles and thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be fun to write a nonsensical story made up of nothing but book titles.

After many visits to one of my now favorite little spots, I’ve gathered enough titles, between my own book shelves and those lining the walls of The Storiebook Cafe and I offer it for your amusement. I’ve added parenthetical words to form some semblance of a sentence. I’ve not gathered all the author names to go along with the titles, but to all the authors who gave their thoughts a book to live in, I humbly honor you.

What Now Knucklehead? Folks Lean Knew, Fix It and Forget It. It’s Time to Sleep, It’s Time to Dream (about) Aunt Chip and the Great Triple Creek Dam Affair. The Parts We Play (make) Writing Down the Bones (like) The Tall Lady With The Iceburg. The Girl Who Listened to Sinks (will) Save Our Planet (and the) Parliament of Whores.

Standing Tall, The Prince of Darkness (postulated about) A Porcupine Named Fluffy. Let’s Find Out What’s Light and What’s Heavy (and) The Pretender (can) Retire On Dividends. If You Give a Pig a Party, (there’s) Magic Across the Table. Find it Here, One Word (about) The Fall of Freddie the Leaf. Getting Things Done (for the) Good Gut Diet, (makes) The Rothman Scandal (unleash the) Wrath of a Mad God. (While the) Executioners (named) A Serial Killer in Nazi Berlin (wonder) How to Catch a Leprechaun.

The Night The White Deer Died, (and) Tex (discovered) Where the Sidewalk Ends. Too Soon to Say Goodbye, The Acorn People (saw) Lassie Come Home (before) Dinah and the Green Fat King (listened to) The Broccoli Tapes. Jim Ugly, In Trouble Again, (sent) Puss In Boots (some) Killer Music. “Where Do Babies Come From?” Landry (asked while solving the) Mystery Dolls from Planet Uro. (It was) Not a Good Day to Die. The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands (made) The South Beach Diet (easier than) 103 Questions Children Ask about Right from Wrong.

Wasted (by) The Right Hand, (in the) Eye of The Storm, The Associate (read) The Shipping News (for) A King’s Ransom. It Looked Different On the Model, (but the) Mutant Message Down Under (made) Summer of the Midnight Sun (seem like) Happy Endings. What the Bleep (made) Atlas of the Heart (seem like) Broken Music (turning into) Prosperity Pie. The Magician’s Nephew (watched the) Beautiful Painted Arrow (make) The Sasquatch Escape (to round out) The Letter of the Week.

Image by Gerhard from Pixabay