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Yes! What if Yes was a person walking through your life with you? Imagine for a moment that you’re taking adventures with your friend Yes and what those adventures would be about. This is an idea that comes from SARK and one of her Juicy Journaling products I have enjoyed for many years. In this short missive, I’ll share some of my musings about my friend Yes, and the engaging questions from SARK’s Juicy Journaling.

Write a short story or poem about taking a day trip with YES. Where do the two of you go? What do you do? What do you take away from the adventure? Thank you SARK!

My friend Yes and I went to the ocean together the other day. We walked in the water, along the shore, we played in the sand and waves, watching fish and birds. We did some people watching, too. When we were thirsty, we drank, and when we wanted to sit and rest, we did. We laughed with others when we wanted to and stayed in our own little world when we wanted to. I love living spontaneously with this friend.

Here’s another one — Yes and I spent the day coloring. We chose the colors, let the colors flow from pencil to paper, and we played games while we colored. We listened to music and sang along sometimes. While we colored, we let our minds travel freely to think about whatever came to the surface. My mind enjoys the freedom to spin around on the topics of its choosing; it makes room for new understandings and ideas. My mind likes the fresh air, just like I do!

Yes is always forgiving and enjoys being recognized. Do you suppose Yes is another form of my inner wise self? (Inner Wise Self is another SARK idea I find useful in my life.)

Today, Yes and I are writing. We’re practicing a bit of writing with these Juicy Journaling exercises, and we are spilling words into Alexis’s other writing projects. I wonder if Yes would help me write a story. She is fun to hang around with, and she has some interesting ideas to share.

Oh, Yes and I are drinking purple right now. (Grape soda.) Yum!

Okay — I want to hear about your adventures with Yes. Where are you going? What is it like there, and what are you learning from your friend Yes? Thank you, SARK, for inviting me to explore my relationship with Yes!

Image by Alexa from Pixabay