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Work Brain Versus Retirement Brain

Work Brain Versus Retirement Brain
Work Brain VS Retirement Brain

Work brain versus retirement brain is an idea I’m exploring more about, now that I’m retired. I’m specifically thinking about ways those two mindsets can complement each other, and how they differ from one another. Then, beyond that, how they impact the quality of life.

When I was in the workforce, I understood the focus of a structured routine, a focus on productivity, and the desire to achieve success. I found creative ways to interject my passions into those corporate structures in order to pacify my desire to feel fulfilled and happy with my work. Now that I’m retired, I still define structures for myself, but they are more geared toward living my passions.

Work brain is essential for career growth and advancement. The longer I was in that mindset, though, the more I felt like I was in a tunnel that kept me from living my personal passions and interests. Now that I’m retired, I wonder how I could have elevated that sense of personal fulfillment within the confines of corporate structure.

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In an ideal world, wouldn’t it be nice if all our ‘day jobs’ were happily married to our ‘passions?’ There are several people who find that sweet spot and enjoy a whirlwind of success with it. Some people find a palatable job to pay the bills and push their dreams aside. There’s got to be a sweet spot in there somewhere! I suppose this is part of the experiment we all have as we progress through our lives.

What if we could allow our hearts and minds to live for those our fulfilling passions and get paid for that? If you could have the best of both worlds, what does that picture look like for you? I have lived my life largely keeping them separate, but now that I’m retired, I wonder how I might have done that differently. Maybe my musings will stir some ideas in your creative living.

Image by Mystic Art Design from Pixabay