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When you think about feeling serene, what comes to mind? In the hustle of our daily lives, it’s nice to take a moment to feel serene. It has a way of allowing us to grab a perspective outside of rush-rush-rush that centers our hearts. Nature settings come to mind when I think about feeling serene: a nice sunset, a still body of water, a peaceful garden, or seeing a rainbow after a storm.

When I experience this emotion, my body feels content. Everything feels calm and undisturbed. There are moments we feel serene, but when was the last time you put a word on it? Where does serenity gather in your body when you feel it?

As I grow my emotional vocabulary, serenity is important to have on the tip of my tongue. I strive for calm in my life and having a word in place to describe it helps to breed more of what I want. Isn’t it interesting how focusing on something breeds more of it? Mmm, serene. It’s like a refreshing bite of delicious goodness.

Serene Emotion

Having chaos in my life comes so naturally. I don’t have to ask for it — it just seems to surface around every corner, if I let it. If I’m seeking to feel more calm, what if I look around those corners for serenity?

Do you suppose more of it would show up if I kept my eyes peeled for it? I think so.

I like how we can reach out and grab what we desire with emotions. Serene is one I want to grab more often. I’ve never sat down and tried to write about this emotion before, and I’m finding myself struggling to put words around it. I love the way it feels and want more of it. Never thought about the perspective of using this emotional vocabulary to boost my emotional system.

We can make more of what we want in our lives emotionally…

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