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Say the word with as much vigor as you can muster – yippee! Now, check in with your emotional compass and see how you’re feeling. The mere mention of this emotion invokes energy in my body that closely resembles the word itself. My internal canvas fills with images of children clamoring around the ice cream truck for a treat or jumping off the diving board to create the biggest splash possible.

I experience this emotion when I complete a milestone (large or small), when I’m excited about a pending adventure, or even when I feel water rolling into the shore over my bare feet. You get the idea! Isn’t it fun, though, to spin around in feeling yippee about something?

This delightful emotion has so much purpose for me. I see it as an emotion that results when my heart, my soul, and my intentions align. It is like a gage to help me ensure I’m following what is important and true to who I am. When was the last time you sat in a puddle of your own yippee? Can we please stay here for a while?

Grammatically, this word is functions as an interjection. I’d like to shift that and make it part of my emotional vocabulary. (Alert the dictionary people and tell them it’s time for an update!) Yippee — the word that wants to be an emotion. It is something most people can relate to, because they’ve experienced it in one form or another, and it is one of the most positive ways to feel. Let’s go on a ‘snipe hunt’, get out our magnifying glasses, and search for all the yippee we can find!

Say it again with me — yippee! Once again, with feeling! Let the joy rain upon us in all this chatter about yippee! Considering this lively topic, I’m sending you a bushel of the stuff to spread generously across the landscape of your life.

Our emotions help us create the world we want to live in…

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