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Are you feeling kind? Kind is one of those feelings, like gratitude, that creates a spirit that people gravitate toward. It feels generous and open. We all enjoy receiving kindness. There’s feeling kind, acting kind, and one-of-a-kind. I’m exploring the feeling today.

My heart and consciousness soften when I feel kind. There’s a connecting-type energy that courses through my being. Sit there for a moment and feel that. That’s a pleasant feeling.

What’s the purpose of feeling kind? For me, it expands acceptance between humans, similar to what happens when we express kindness to our furry friends. Pets know when we are being kind and when we are not. Why wouldn’t humans be any different? Life journeys are easier to take when I feel kindness. Perhaps this feeling helps us connect with one another. I know when I feel kindness, either from myself or others, I feel more connected.

It also fosters trust between people. When I feel kindness from another person, I’m more apt to trust them. Wouldn’t the same be true for people who feel kindness from me? It seems like this feeling could help me learn how to be more trusting. It feels good, that’s for sure.

Kindness looks like helping someone with a door. I see it in patience while someone figures something out. Have you ever walked with someone who wanted to go a different pace than you? I also see feeling kind as letting someone get from one point to the other at their own pace—without pushing or impatiently waiting. (I experience this with my 90-year-old dad when we’re out and about.)

What does feeling kind look like to you? How does feeling kind function for you? If you’re up for the challenge, leave me a story about feeling kind that you’re willing to share. Let’s share.

Feelings can make our life landscape more hospitable…

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The Art of Kindness

Image by Дарья Будич from Pixabay