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Are you enthused? (She giggled as she put her thoughts together about feeling enthusiasm.) Enthusiasm helps me feel alert and full of energy. Do you suppose our bodies actually support this feeling with good chemicals when we feel it? I think it does! The National Library of Medicine thinks it does.

When I’m enthused about something, it’s hard to feel stressed. Have you ever noticed when your enthusiasm ramps up, your stress lowers? Hmm. There might be something to this. Try this: Think about something you’re enthused about and pay attention to what happens to your immediate outlook. How does it change? That’s a fun game! Goodbye stress, and welcome on in here positive energy!

Maybe I can train myself to shift back into enthusiasm when my to-do list is stressing me out. Perhaps that enthusiasm would even help me approach a task with a new perspective. Anything is possible! Right?

Do you suppose if we played with enthusiasm more frequently, we’d find long-term health benefits? Maybe, just maybe, our immune systems kick into gear to give us a dose of ‘Oh, that feels so good!’ I like the idea of using enthusiasm to ward off pesky little bugs looking for a place to park. Sorry, the lot is full!

The origin of this word comes to us from a religious context, but over time, it came to reflect potent feelings or interest in secular matters. I’m glad the word evolved so I can feel enthusiastic about being retired and writing (because that’s what I dreamed of doing). As I’m keeping my 2024 intentions alive in my awareness, it’s also good, once again, to feel enthusiastic about exercise and moving my body. (Don’t want to give myself writer’s butt!) Okay, that was just for fun!

What are you enthusiastic about? I want to jump into your puddle of enthusiasm with you! Let me know what’s going on in your puddle so I can splash with you!

Emotions are sparks in our souls…

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Image by Roshan Bhatia from Pixabay