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I enjoy feeling understood. Don’t you? Understood is an emotion that we all yearn for, to be heard, to be seen, to be understood. When one of my friends or someone in my family ‘gets me’, I feel understood. When I read a book that describes me or how I feel, there’s a connection that happens between me and the author. I feel seen and understood.

The absence of this emotion can surely lead to moments of despair; a reason I like to step outside of my box and meet someone where they are. Doing that helps the other person to feel understood and connected.

When I was in the corporate world, I experienced a sense of having to put myself aside to fit into the corporate culture. When I stepped outside of that boundary, I experienced negative effects. Why is that? Why does the corporate culture have to be ‘just so’ in a way that sometimes excludes or ‘misunderstands’ people? We were all after the same corporate goals, but for whatever reason, getting there on any path outside of the defined or ‘accepted’ path is frowned upon. I wonder how many corporations would experience leaps of success if they could open their ‘boxes’ even a little bit.

Alas, we are here to talk about feeling understood. I imagine understood to look like a puzzle piece that fits together to complete a picture. Or maybe simply feeling genuinely loved. When I feel understood, I feel accepted, like I’m part of the pack. My body hums with harmony. Such an important emotion, as we explore what it means to relate to one another.

I see you. You are heard and understood. Do you, and remember one little soul posting blogs about feelings sends you a bucket of understanding. It’s not a clinical dissertation, but isn’t this a great little emotion?

Emotions are like clouds in the sky…

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay