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When was the last time you recognized feeling delighted? I’ll share more about my delighted feelings momentarily. Have you ever wondered about the subtle difference between delight and happiness? There is a subtle difference between the two. You may ask, “Alexis, why does it even matter?”

First, the difference between delight and happiness. Delight has more to do with pleasure or satisfaction about a specific event or achievement. Happiness is a broader, more enduring state of well-being and contentment that doesn’t rely on any specific moment or event. I’m delighted about the very secretive anniversary plans my husband set into motion to celebrate our anniversary. (“What is he up to now?” she asked, filled with anticipation.) I feel happiness about the longevity and adventure of our marriage.

Many people use the terms interchangeably, but there is a subtle difference between the two. Why does it matter? Because I’m exploring emotions, I’m digging into this slight difference to learn more about specific feelings. Then when I feel them, I can acknowledge them and call them by name.

Now, back to feeling delight. Because happiness is a state of being we all aspire to, feeling delight is worth recognizing. It feeds into our overall state of happiness. When you eat the succulent piece of chocolate, you may experience delight. I also experience delight when I connect with friends and loved ones. Delight is present when I struggle to find ways of putting my thoughts into words, and I end up with a piece of finished writing. I feel delight in recognizing people for the things they accomplish.

You see, sometimes delight comes from a self-perspective, and sometimes it comes from sharing a path with someone else. That means there are lots of opportunities for me to feel it. It’s a great feeling. I’m glad Delight drops in for a visit here and there. I’m delighted you got to the end of this with me. Let’s go have a delightful cup of tea!

The color in her face changes with every emotion…

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