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Let’s talk about how marvelous feels. I experience feeling marvelous as wonder or astonishment. When I feel marvelous, it transcends mere happiness and feels more like resonating with pure joy. Marvelous, though, differs from joy. It feels more expansive than joy. Joy makes me smile; marvelous makes my whole being smile—inside and out. It is the crescendo that brings all the instruments together in a harmonious climax.

When I feel marvelous, my body feels like it’s floating on a cushion of air. It is warm and tingly and comes from my core, like the touch of the first rays of sunrise. It is a harmonious energy that feels electrifying and soothing at the same time.

Marvelous creates a general feeling of confidence. Unlike arrogance, it is a pure form of self-assurance. My heart feels a profound joy and serenity at the same time. It opens me to find wonder in simple things, similar to a child discovering the savory deliciousness of ice cream.

This marvelous feeling teaches me gratitude. It helps me appreciate life’s simpler moments. Isn’t it exciting to feel that throughout the day? These transient flashes of brilliance remind me to be present. I want to bottle it up so I can use it as fuel for future challenges. Remember when you felt marvelous?

It also leads to profound self-understanding, acting as a mirror reflecting alignment with my truest self. Marvelous feelings invoke my empathetic spirit; the generosity of my heart that yearns for others to experience this state of being.

Make Life Marvelous

Feeling marvelous is more than an emotional high; it’s a symphony of the soul enlightening the journey that touches the core of our existence. It reminds us, if only for a moment, of the grandeur and beauty of being alive. How about it? Shall we step into our marvelous feelings for a moment? I’d love to hear about the last time you felt marvelous.

She stood in awe of the canvas of emotions in her life…

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Image by Ankit Bhattacharjee from Pixabay