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I’m jumping into bliss today. Yes, extreme happiness is worth celebrating. I was just writing in my journal about how happy I feel now that I’m spending dedicated hours each day to follow my dream of being a writer. This is bliss! After so many years of pouring my energy into the dreams of my employer, it feels liberating to spin that energy on my passion. Why did I wait so long? That’s another topic entirely!

Now, back to bliss. Think for a moment about a time when you felt so much happiness inside you thought your bellybutton was going to bust. Well, okay, that might be a little extreme, but it’s a fun image. Do you suppose a bee feels that way when there is an abundance of pollen to be had? Or, what about a cat getting all crazy on the catnip or a bear finding the perfect tree to help with that back scratch? These are all great examples of what bliss looks like to me.

Bliss is one of those emotions that feels like a deep, sincere, calm or a rambunctious flurry of uncontrollable, joyful energy. I’ve experienced bliss in both ways, and each one results in a unique happiness. Bliss is a delightful emotion to experience, and it helps me to appreciate the work I did to work through other emotions (such as anger, grief, or depression). I think it is important for us to experience it all so that we can appreciate the subtle difference between each one.

Bliss is one of those emotions I strive to feel more often. When it is present, it is worthy of notice. I think noting it, and naming it helps to create more focus for it, thus drawing more of it into my life spectrum. What are your thoughts about bliss? Do you have any blissful moments you can share so I can celebrate with you? Let’s get our bliss on!

Emotions color our lives…

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Image by Joe from Pixabay