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Be still and savor feeling quiet. There now. Isn’t that nice? Let the noise and distractions fall away and let your whole self feel quiet and still; your body and your mind. Can you hear yourself think? What do you observe about yourself when you feel quiet?

When I embrace quietness, a profound stillness settles within me. The chaotic symphony of thoughts and worries gradually fades away. My mind becomes open, and even my inner chatter finds stillness. Now I can tune into my inner self and connect with the world around me.

How do you go about being quiet? Is it a feeling you suddenly feel, or is it something you look for? Some find solace in nature, surrounded by gently rustling leaves and soothing birdsong. Others find a cozy corner to savor the blissful absence of external demands. When I’m feeling quiet, I can embrace the hush and tune into my heart.

Quiet is an emotion that has a profound effect on our well-being. It gives us an opportunity to recharge and rejuvenate, replenishing our energy reserves. It is in these moments of silence that our thoughts become clear and creative. Being quiet opens us up to the whispers of our intuition, enabling us to navigate life with greater purpose and direction.

In a world that demands busyness and constant stimulation, feeling quiet can feel rebellious. But it is in this rebellion, we can find liberation. The power to choose stillness and silence amidst noise and chaos is a gift we can give ourselves. It is a reminder that we are not slaves to the noise, but the creators of our own inner calm.

When you are deep in the throes of noise and chaos, remember quiet is a feeling you can choose. It’s nice to have quiet in our emotional storehouse. And, yes, we can go to our emotional library and choose quiet whenever we need to. Let’s be still and find more about feeling quiet.

He got still and learned more about quiet…

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Ode to Silence

Image by Thomas from Pixabay