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I’m feeling intrigued about feeling intrigued. I have a desire to know more. You know what it means to go down a rabbit hole—that insatiable desire to learn more. I realize I’m intrigued when I’m digging in for more information, whether about myself, someone else, or a topic.

Isn’t that the same thing as curiosity? I think it is subtly different. Curiosity has a more particular context. Webster defines it as demanding a high standard of excellence that is difficult to satisfy. Whereas intrigue has more to do with the desire to know more from a mysterious or complex perspective.

When I feel intrigued, I feel a yearning. It’s that thing that sparks my interest in something and my heart quickens. My senses sharpen and want to know more. The excitement about it is more intellectual than thrilling. It encourages me to want to explore and learn more.

Perhaps feeling intrigued helps me learn more about complex situations. The more I learn about that which is intriguing, the more I add to my dictionary of experience, which impacts my ability to problem-solve. It also fosters deeper connections between individuals, or I dare say, yourself. When I look at my emotions from a place of intrigue, I have a desire to learn more about them. Sure, some emotions can seem crippling. However, taking the time to investigate them further shifts them from being overwhelming to agents of learning.

Feeling Intrigued

Intrigue invites us to adventure into deeper learning and understanding. When it pops in for a visit, take note. Perhaps it is leading you toward something adventurous. We all have questions about ourselves. What if intrigue is there to help evolve us into more understanding creatures? I’m intrigued; are you?

Emotions are flashlights illuminating our lives…

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Is Emotional Curiosity the Key?

Image by Barbara from Pixabay