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Holiday Observations

Holiday Observations
Holiday Observations

There’s an interesting energy during the holiday season. The year is winding down, we’re arranging adventures with family and friends, and people are eager for some time off from their regular work routines. We decorate our living and work spaces and we extend ourselves in ways that are outside of the day-to-day wheelhouse. With a new year approaching, we’re daydreaming about our ambitions for the coming year and setting intentions. It’s just different from other times during the year.

This energy feels like a percolating sea of possibility. It’s interesting to dive into that sea and let my heart do the driving. It opens me up to think about things I think I want, as well as things I don’t know, yet, that I want.

Sure, there are stresses, and sometimes we feel blue for different reasons during this time. That is part of it, too. These, too, are moments that are brimming with possibility, even if it doesn’t always feel that way. Giving myself time to nurture these parts of myself can make these moments a little less intimidating. It offers me an opportunity to acknowledge who I am in the moment, and to realize there are other colors out there for me to play in.

Holiday Feelings

Whatever your holiday of choice, I wish for you warmth in your hearts. I am grateful to you for sharing in my stream of words, thoughts, and ideas. We’re in this life, living on this planet at the same time together. What a joy for me to know you’re out there, living your lives. Now and then, when our paths cross, with thumbs-ups, hearts, and hugs, or exchanging words with one another, it’s so nice to know I’m not doing ‘life’ all by myself.

Let’s put our swimsuits on, jump into this sea of possibilities, and play. Shall we? Share some new or old holiday moments, and remember how deliciously connected we are.

Happy holidays, ya’ll!

Image by Sarah Richter from Pixabay