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What is Your Journey?

What is Your Journey?
What is your Journey

You’re in a corporate environment. What is your journey? It is your job. You need the job so that you can have enough resources to do things in your life like eating, clothing yourself, caring for your family, and preparing for your future. Are you providing for yourself and others in a way that has any sort of passion attached to it?

After 30+ years in the workforce, I can say I enjoyed my work through most of that time. As I got older, I learned that my corporate work was no longer feeding my soul, and my patience for it dropped dramatically. I understand we all need to ‘work’. I think, though, we all find work that is purpose-full in some capacity or another. A little tweak in perspective can sometimes create the right path for whatever journey you’re navigating.

So, inquiring minds want to know… What is your purpose-full work? Are you loving what you’re doing? Or are you just doing it as a means to an end? Given a choice, which would you choose – meaning-full work, or work you must do to make ends meet?

For those of you still in the ‘workforce’, what is your journey? What is your passion for the work that you do? If you could do one thing today, to feed your passion, what would that be in your work? Remember, you have the power to ‘be who you were meant to be’ from a career perspective. If that were true, would you still do what you are doing now? Or would you involve yourself in something different – if so, what?

I’m just full of questions today. Be your passion — keep your work aligned with that which you love. Your life will be so much richer for it!

Image by Picography from Pixabay