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Turkey and Gratitude

Turkey and Gratitude
Turkey And Gratitude

Turkey and gratitude: it must be Thanksgiving. Some of you have already celebrated your Thanksgiving this year. In the United States, we’re just getting around to these shenanigans. Yesterday was our holiday, but we historically make a long weekend of it. I practice gratitude year-round, but it is nice to have a day where we focus on being thankful. The traditional eats are nice, too.

I’m grateful to be alive to celebrate this holiday. There was a day in my past when that was questionable. I practice being aware and grateful each year for the grace that allowed me to survive. Home, family, friends, and being able to live my dreams every day are things I also feel grateful for. It’s good to say these things out loud.

Now, let’s step outside of the box and think about some things we benefit from that often go unnoticed. Here are a few I like to think about:
People and organizations who collect and deal with our rubbish,
Medical, civil, and volunteer personnel who give up time with their families to be sure their services are available to us any day, Thanksgiving or not,
Electric company workers who keep energy coming to our homes and businesses, and
Plumbers who keep things flowing, even when Thanksgiving happens.

Practice Gratitude

You get the idea. Let’s give these guys some gratitude for all they do to keep the world running smoothly while we chomp on some turkey and consume a pumpkin pie. Oh, and then there are the athletes who entertain us after we’ve had our ample meal, and perhaps a snooze. I remember all those Thanksgivings at my grandparents’ house, and the littered floor of humanity catching a wink on a full belly before the big game.

Whatever your traditions, foodies, and wherever you may be during this time—I’m sending you some gratitude for doing you and being part of my delicious life. What are you grateful for? Let’s find unnoticed things to be thankful for and say them out loud.

Why Turkey Should Come With A Side of Gratitude

Image by Ingo Jakubke from Pixabay