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Now who loves feeling jubilation in their bones? I do, I do! It makes me want to jump up and down and this amazing thing happens with my face. It smiles and my eyes twinkle, and laughter seems to just ooze out with no effort. Let’s experiment with feeling jubilation for a bit, shall we? Go ahead, get your jubilation on!

There now. How does that feel? It feels like warmth beaming through my being, and I feel a bit like floating. Imagine your whole body filling with spritzy bubbles. That’s what my body feels like when I feel jubilation. My most recent experience with this (at the time of writing this) was the Boomer Sooner win over the Longhorns. (The one day a year my husband and I cheer for opposite teams.) Squeeeeee! See? My body even makes these fun little squee sounds.

This emotion serves as a reminder of all the beauty and wonder in life. It reinforces our connections with others. While it is possible to feel jubilation without outside influences, it often occurs when there are other people around. What better way to connect with our fellow humans? In joy. Allowing myself to feel jubilant stirs hope and gives me glimpses of overwhelming happiness. That feels nice.


Jubilation is an emotion I strive for daily. It’s nice to have unadulterated joy in my daily servings of emotions. It lightens my load and has amazing contagious effects. When I see someone who is jubilant, it’s hard not to get caught up in it with them, even when I’m feeling crabby or grumpy. Perhaps having some of this in our daily diet of emotions helps us to remember we don’t have to stay crabby or grumpy.

Let’s jump in and allow some jubilation to fill our spirits. You game? It’s a profound reminder of the beautiful potential in this human experience of ours.

Emotions can save us from ourselves…

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Image by JackieLou DL from Pixabay