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I’m delighted to explore this thrilled emotion. Do you recall the most recent occasion that made you feel thrilled? Though it may seem self-serving… My most recent thrill came when I got my Stayin’ In Touch series of books made available on Amazon. For those of you who may not know, I self-published this 10-book series last year but didn’t have them KDP-friendly for Amazon. Yay! Now they’re available on Amazon. These ‘emotion’ posts are my personal samples from these books. (I’m currently working through the Stayin’ In Touch – Positive Emotions book.)

Back to feeling thrilled. This feeling makes my whole body tingle with excitement and delight. It’s like all the cells and atoms that make me up resonate and tingle together; through my arms and legs, my trunk, and my soul. It’s a good feeling, isn’t it?

Emotional Thrilled

I think I feel thrilled more frequently than I realize. Having a name for it and putting a face on it gives me an opportunity to look around and see it more often. Isn’t it amazing that we experience so many emotions in a day and that we can change how we feel from one moment to the next?

It’s interesting to explore positive emotions. When I think about exploring different emotions, I gravitate toward less comfortable emotions. That’s where it seems the growth is. But I also think exploring positive emotions has an equal value. There is an interesting energy created by naming positive emotions. It makes them more prevalent in my consciousness. This gives my general disposition an opportunity to grab one of those to play with instead of a more negatively framed emotion.

It’s fun to feel thrilled. It’s like acknowledging an accomplishment or fulfilling a dream to feel thrilled about it. Whatever adventure brings you a thrilled feeling, feel it vigorously. It’s a great feeling!

Emotions are like color in our souls…

If you would like to explore more feelings in the Stayin’ in Touch – Positive Emotions book, click here for more information.

Photo by Omer Salom on Unsplash