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Meaningful Conversations

We have many conversations in a day, but how many of them are meaningful conversations? Stop for a moment and think about all the conversations you’ve had today. Of those conversations, how many of them were meaningful?

Many conversations have to do with what you do or are doing, and perhaps reporting on progress, or answering questions. These are important conversations in your daily activities. How do those conversations leave you feeling, though? Do you walk away from this kind of dialog feeling somehow enriched, or does it feel more like just keeping the wheels turning? I’d venture a guess that these kinds of interactions fall in the ‘necessary’ column, but don’t quite make the cut for feeding your heart and soul.

Now think for a moment about the last meaningful conversation you had with someone. How does that conversation feel differently? Talking about things that matter leave me feeling more fulfilled. How about you? Meaningful conversations create deeper connections with my talking partners. They invite me to think about things outside my wheelhouse, stretch my brain and heart, and nourish my desire for growth.

Think for a moment about the last time you introduced yourself to someone, or vice versa. Did you talk about what you do or perhaps the weather? Maybe you extended a friendly ‘nice to meet you’ dialog. What in that conversation grabbed your heart and left you feeling like you want to take more time to share? I wonder how our relationships with others would change if we said something meaningful in the intro. Something like: “Your bright colors make me smile today,” or perhaps “Your smile invited me to enjoy this connection.” Adding a little something that ‘matters’ into the mix changes the whole feel of the encounter.

These are fun ideas to play with. Experiment with your conversations. Even in your ‘routine’ conversations, is there something you could add to the mix that would make the conversation more meaningful or memorable? Find something to be grateful for with the person and share it, or step out on a limb and share a comfortable feeling. Life is an experiment. Let’s have a little fun!

Image by Petra from Pixabay