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Just Imagine

Just Imagine
Just Imagine

When you hear “just imagine”, where do you go? The phrase is a wide, open suggestion to daydream. I imagine what I want in my heart, work, or play. Say the words and pay attention to what pops into your head.

Envision waking up tomorrow and having the sense that you can do anything. It makes my face draw into a gentle smile. Now imagine the excitement you’ll have when you finish that project, and you have clear energy to concentrate on other things. A forward focus on bright ideas is nice.

Imagine what uniqueness next month brings; a fresh season is on the horizon. What are you looking forward to next month, how will that change your perspective? Because of the season change, it’s easier to walk. The air is colder; you choose different clothes to wear, and maybe there will be less sweat. The temperature is different; the smells are distinct, and you’re in a rhythm with something you’re been striving to attain.

Life is extraordinary when you paint pictures in your mind with a suggestion. Perhaps you’re grieving a loss and when you consider how tomorrow, next week, or next month alters your perspective, pictures of acceptance come into focus. Or, perhaps you’re changing daily habits with a specific goal in mind to lose 5 pounds and get more active. Can you see yourself revved up and more energized now that you’re walking more? Just imagine.

The chance to think about a change invites a wave of possibility. Can you feel new possibilities percolating around your imaginings? Let’s share what we’re imagining and acknowledge how it connects us. I’m excited about having a grown-up kid at home for a few weeks and new writing adventures going into next year. Just imagine.

Image by Gerd Altman from Pixabay