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A Letter From My All-Knowing Potential To Myself

A Letter From My All-Knowing Potential To Myself

This is a little different… Something I do periodically, and regularly, is to write a letter from my All-Knowing Potential to myself. I’m going to take a risk here and share one of my letters with you.

Maybe my letter will inspire you to try something similar for yourself. Let your inner wisdom speak with you and see what guidance or idea comes your way. Ask the power within you for help with something and see what direction comes to you.

In this letter, I was seeking guidance about being sure I get enough water to drink every day and I wanted some support in creating new routines of physical movement.

Dear Discombobulated Alexis Full of Love,
I feel you. I see you. AND I see your power-full choices bubbling up to help you. Take the conscious time to revel in all your choices. Be intentional and snag all the possibilities that work in your favor. Drink the water and move your body. See yourself moving with agility and ease. Practice moments at a time, and celebrate the enormous power within you.

Running away and hiding is one option, and a necessary one at times. So is running toward something. Not to worry! I’ll run with you and bring my loving, kind smile to share with you along the way.

I love you! Feel me, see me… I am with you every step of the way. Give yourself a nice, refreshing drink of water, and then let’s move together. Holding you in my heart – I’m your truest friend. No need to rush – let’s experience life moment by moment together and make harmony in your energy.

I love you, big – Alexis!
Your trusty All-Knowing Potential

It may all seem a little corny – letting your heart have a voice – listen to the parts of you that are knowing. Try asking that part of yourself a specific question and see what your heart has to say about it. Well, it’s just an experiment…

Image by S. Hermann Richter from Pixabay