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The passion I’m referring to today is the one that ignites your soul. You know, the emotion we grasp that urges us to pursue our dreams and embrace life. It lights up our hearts and sets our spirits on fire.

When I feel passionate (as defined above), it looks like an insatiable drive or magnet that pulls me. I’m passionate about helping people learn how to name and acknowledge their emotions. (Can you tell?) The root of this passion comes from observing what people do to each other when they get disconnected from their hearts. When someone stops caring, people get hurt. I visualize a world where emotions are so prolifically a part of our vocabulary. In this world, it’s rare for someone to speak without specifically identifying an emotion.

When I’m aware of feeling passion, I can feel an energy surge through my whole being. It feels like an unstoppable force that fills me with purpose and enthusiasm. This feeling helps me learn about my strengths and weaknesses. When I tap into that, I discover new potential inside me waiting for an appropriate platform for expression.

Passion can also foster growth and self-discovery. When I feel passionate about something, I experience a willingness to invest my time and energy into its calling. Take these posts about emotions as an example. I’m writing about a new emotion every two weeks. It’s a fun exercise for me to explore each emotion in more detail. I’m learning as I go here!

I also feel passionate about sharing my trauma recovery story. That will come as a memoir in the coming months. I’ll be sharing some excerpts with you as I mold the story into its book form. I hope that sharing these tidbits will inspire you as you navigate your own personal life journeys.

Tell me about your passion. What sets you on fire? Is it your art? Maybe it has something to do with your work or your playtime. I’m still pretty passionate about billiards. (I just need a regular playing partner for that!)

Emotions color our canvases…

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Finding Your Passion

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