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Accepted is not only an emotion about feeling included within a group of people, but it is also about feeling resolute about yourself and who you are—warts and all. As I get familiar with my emotions, I’m exploring the latter right now. When I accept myself, I find it easier to absorb feeling accepted by a group outside of myself.

Picture a warmly received gift, and that’s what feeling accepted looks like to me. I imagine how the earth receives anything that falls upon it. This might be a leaf or a twig that has loosened from a tree branch, or it might be a gum wrapper that gently escaped someone’s grasp. Gravity aside, the earth accepts whatever falls upon it. Some of what falls to the earth is more nourishing than others. The same is true for humans. Our bodies take whatever we give them, and some things are more useful than others.

I feel acceptance in my whole body; my heart warms and my soul lightens. Where do you feel accepted in your body? This is an idea I’ve not explored much until now. Truth be told, I’m finding it hard to wrap words around it to describe it. It’s interesting to play with the idea and get better acquainted with it. My challenge with this exercise reveals an uncertainty that feels uncomfortable. Hmmm.

Acceptance is an emotion that facilitates personal grace. When I think about confident people, I sense they accept their complete selves. It is hard sometimes to accept our personal truths. For example, when I carry more weight than I’d like, I struggle with self-acceptance. The cold ugly truth! I’m reaping that which I’ve sown and loving this extra part of me proves challenging. Loving my warts is hard sometimes, but I choose to give it a whirl. I have much to learn!

This is a fascinating emotion. (She breathes in acceptance and lets go of judgment.) I accept you, who you are, and all the ways being you which facilitate your uniqueness.

In the sea of all her emotions, she finds acceptance…

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Image by NoName 13 from Pixabay