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Today I’m exploring what it’s like to feel worthy. The dictionary defines this word as having worth or value. We often think about this word from a perspective of a worthy deal or the worth of a specific object. I want to twist this around in terms of emotions: feeling personal worth, or allowing ourselves to feel worthy.

We are each unique, and our uniqueness brings light to different areas of our lives. This perspective creates a feeling of worthiness. Your worth is every bit as important as my own personal worth. (Alexis’s two cents!) But alas, I’m here to explore what feeling worthy means to me.

When I feel worthy, I feel like I matter. (And, don’t we all matter?) In my daily grind, when I fall short (by my definition of short), my inner critics (as SARK refers to them) are quick to call out my shortcomings. These short-circuit my feeling of worthiness. If I’m paying attention, I’ve learned how to turn those Negative Nellies into something more truthful about myself. This brings me back to feeling my personal worth.

Worthy feelings make my body hum with energy in my middle and my extremities that make my soul resonate with the life going on around me. I feel like I’m a contributing part of whatever is going on around me. I feel useful and valuable.

Truth is (according to Alexis) we all deserve to feel worthy and to take time to recognize it. It is a feeling that helps us connect with the world. Let’s get this into our dictionary of emotions and play there. Experiment with it. When you see a stranger (or an acquaintance or colleague), give yourself a moment to focus on your worth and the worth of the person you see. Feel it, and see what adventure transpires.

Our power-full feelings color our life canvas…

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Image by Peter Lomas from Pixabay