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Hello fondness. Thanks for dropping in for a visit. I’m fond of my retirement life, and it’s nice to look upon my day with your presence.

Do recognize when you feel fond of something? Perhaps You’re fond of someone’s creativity to make something out of ordinary things. Do you ever feel fond of someone? Maybe you find yourself feeling fond of your heaters when it’s cold outside.

When I feel fond, I sense a warmness in my heart, and I can feel the corners of my face turning upward into a smile. Writing about fondness is a little challenging because it’s one of those feelings that happens without much notice. It’s worth noticing though. Being aware of fondness highlights things I’m not so fond of. Isn’t it interesting how being aware of something’s opposite can enrich our awareness about it?

What happens when you recall a memory and find yourself feeling fond of it? It’s more colorful and vivid. Fondness immerses us into the experience in our memory and encodes information about a memory that makes it easier to recall.

How about our decision making? Fondness can subtly influence how we make decisions in ways we might not realize. When we’re fond of someone, we might unconsciously prioritize their preferences of opinions. What an amazing thing to realize in any context. In a corporate context, how does this impact your decisions? Hmmm. I certainly did this in my career days (probably more often than I might care to admit).

When we are fond of something in our lives, it probably influences the choices and actions we take. If I want more calm in the chaos around me, I’m inclined to feel fond of feeling calm and lean toward choices that will amplify that calm. Never thought about that one before.

Hello fondness. Thank you for coming to visit. I appreciate getting to know you a little better!

Emotions fill our cells with energy…

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