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Broken Pipes

Broken Pipes
Broken Pipes

You’re standing in the shower, humming a nonsensical tune, and suddenly you hear a peculiar gurgle in the nearby toilet. Your heart skips a beat and you halt. The shampoo lather drips down your face like a deranged Santa Claus beard. Yes, my friends, you have just entered the twilight zone of broken pipes.

The mischievous troublemaker, the broken pipe, becomes the antagonist in a bad B-Movie. Hiding in the belly of your backyard, they sneak around; waiting for the most inconvenient moment to strike. Just when you thought you were safe, your toilet sounds like a boiling cauldron. BOOM! Suddenly, the day you looked forward to turns into an adventure of discovery.

Oh, the thrill of being on a first-name basis with the local plumber. Unexpectedly, the script for your well-intentioned day requires refocus. This knight in shining overalls comes to your rescue, with wrenches in hand. He comes with a willingness to conquer the beasts lurking somewhere in the underneath.

He sends a camera into the depths of the unknown, and the culprit comes into focus. In the middle of your backyard, there is a horrifying fracture. Dollar signs start cha-chinging on the canvas behind your eyes and your heart sinks into the pit of your belly. The connection between the old and new pipes has failed and needs urgent repair.

You place your palms on either side of your face, and a string of expletives want to spill into the atmosphere. Meanwhile, the knight summons the faithful diggers to excavate the earth around the not-so-little drippy drip to uncover the wound. Time for a pipe-joint replacement surgery.

The day before a holiday, the faithful knight completes the surgery. The diggers return to replace the earth that now stands piled on palates of plastic near the gaping hole in the earth. At least they kept the sod intact, and the fresh wound was band-aided with the lush grass that was undisturbed just hours before. The End.

Bad Plumbing = Stress

Image by Tom from Pixabay