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Did You Notice?

Did You Notice?
Did You Notice

Did you notice the moment the sleeping grass woke up and turned green? Maybe you noticed a daffodil emerging through the warming earth. While you were busy cleaning the dishes or writing that memo, a squirrel dropped by, looking for a morsel of goodness. Did you see that little fella?

Maybe you noticed something new growing on your body. Did you know your ears and nose never stop growing? Or maybe a freckle happened in a place you’ve never had one before. I stepped outside to snatch up a breath of fresh air and sunshine and noticed the lizards were back, looking for delicious bugs to consume. Oh, and there’s a bunny, back for more backyard adventures.

Life happens around us and sometimes goes unnoticed. Did you notice the new gas station on your way to work? Or suddenly you have a new neighbor living next door. When did that happen? I see the park has new and interesting things for kids to play on, and they updated the ground cover under the swings.

It’s so easy for us to be unaware of what’s going on around us. Before you know it, someone has painted a house or purchased a new car. Maybe the freshly painted door you hung in your house is now showing signs of use and wear you never noticed before. Oops! I see a wrinkle on my face that wasn’t there the last time I paid attention.

Did you notice the pothole in the street got bigger? Maybe more years have gone by than you thought since you reached out to a friend to say hello. How long has it been? Just like that, you notice your towels faded; the carpet looks worn, and you’re about out of mouthwash.

What are you noticing? Have you ever noticed that you experience more of what you’re naturally noticing? Noticing is a powerful thing to practice.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay