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Memoir Excerpt 2

Memoir Excerpt 2
Memoir Excerpt

That memoir of mine is getting close to being finished. It’s looking like the middle of May is going to be the sweet spot! I’ll keep you posted! In the meantime, how about another brief excerpt?

This excerpt is from a chapter on vulnerability. (She recognized her vulnerability and realized it would be okay.) Please realize I’m sharing these words with you ahead of my book publication. Copyright protects this content.

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Vulnerability is something we all have in our lives, regardless of living with traumatic experiences. It is intensely harmful when someone chooses not to see another person’s vulnerability and capitalizes on it or takes advantage of it. I can’t control what another person is going to do, but I can be conscious about how vulnerable I allow myself to be in any setting; socially, at home, or with friends and family.
I like to give my vulnerability a voice so I can learn from it. It often has some interesting lessons for me to learn. These golden nuggets offer a wealth of information and giving it a new look has helped me find a larger confidence in myself I never knew I had.

When I’m open and vulnerable with loved ones, it brings us closer together. How magical is that? My vulnerability allows other people to see the delicate, human part of me. When they see mine, they are often willing to share their vulnerability with me, and it just deepens the whole relationship experience. It is a hard thing to do, but taking baby steps with it can uncover some big life magic.

Stay tuned!