Stayin’ In Touch – Peaceful Emotions


Peaceful Emotions – Volume Four in the series Stayin’ In Touch.
Easy prompt books by Alexis Faere for daily journaling.

26 emotion descriptive words, alphabetically chosen to encourage your personal thoughts as they are applied to your emotional journey.

Page Prompts…
• Today Is All About Feeling Appreciated   •   Explain Your Appreciated
• Where I Feel Being Appreciated In My Body   •   What I Have Learned Today About Appreciated
• What Does Feeling Appreciated Look Like   •    A story about Appreciated you’d like to remember
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An A-Z Journal
Acknowledge, Explore, and Encourage Understanding Your Peaceful Emotions
Emotional Health on Your Own Schedule

Stayin’ In Touch – Peaceful Emotions

Emotions take us in many different directions. Some directions are more delightful than others, for sure. Being mindful of our different feeling states helps us to navigate life and relate to one another more effectively.

Alexis Faere’s “Stayin’ In Touch – Peacuful Emotions” is an engaging tool for identifying peaceful emotions. Once identified, there is a nice little playground where we can learn more about any given feeling and explore more about its functional usefulness.

What’s in your peaceful emotional dictionary?

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