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Emotions make up a good portion of who we are, how we are, how we relate to others, and how we experience the world around us. They are the glue that strings the facets of who we are into a whole being. Understanding the vast array of emotions we experience helps us to navigate the waters of experience that decorate our voyage through life.

I’ve created these easy-to-use prompt journals for you to use to increase your understanding of emotions: how they function, what they feel like, and where you feel them in your body. Each book contains an emotion for each letter of the alphabet and a playground for you to write, draw, or journal. Skip around, pick a feeling that you’d like to explore, and get acquainted with these parts of yourself.

Each book in the series contains different emotions for you to explore, on your terms, in your own time. Find the ones that are right for you, and share them as gifts with those you love. Emotions can be demanding little creatures. Acknowledge them, give them a voice, and remember they are like dance partners, some you will enjoy and some you’d like to send back to the bench to clean up a mess. They all have a purpose. What’s in your emotional dictionary?

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Volume 1 – Stayin’ In Touch
Volume 2 – Positive Emotions
Volume 3 – Negative Emotions
Volume 4 – Peaceful Emotions
Volume 5 – Corporate Emotions
Volume 6 – Elder Emotions
Volume 7 – Parental Emotions
Volume 8 – Friend Emotions
Volume 9 – Gratitude Emotions
Volume 10 – Grief Emotions

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