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What Happened to My House

What Happened to My House
My House

Camping in the springtime is full of wonders. Trees are displaying unspeakable numbers of new shades of green as they awaken from their long winter naps. Flowers are budding; delivering a nice canvas of fragrant color in any little splotch of earth transforming into any manner of identity. And my goodness, birds get busy preparing a houses in which to nurture new life into the cosmos.

Today, the atmosphere stirred up a nice little afternoon cloudiness which was sure to yield some rain. In the spirit of preparedness, we moved our fire-side chairs into our enclosed porch to keep our outdoor furnishings dry.

We filled our morning with a trail hike, and a spot of fishing. As we filled our bellies with lunch, the imminent rain mustered its magic in time for an afternoon nap. We enjoyed a nice snooze and awakened to glorious sunlight, in the bluest of skies.

Time to get the chairs out of the porch, and back in their rightful place around the fire pit. But wait! During our slumber, evidence of some very busy chickadees found our furnishings. They to build a perfect home for momma to nest with her babies! Awww, life just happens everywhere.

Well, the little chickadees were facing relocation. Unbeknown to them, they spent the last hour of their busy little life building a very temporary shelter. “What happened to my house?” The birds wondered. We moved our chairs back around the fireplace to discourage nest building. But the determined little chickadees liked our porch and wanted to build their home there. Before we knew it, between two hanging shirts, the persistent chickadees found a new spot to build a nest. Oh my! Time to relocate, yet again.

But nay, that porch was the prime property for making their home. Discouraging prime location between the shirts, we separated them. However, in our hasty prevention, one shirt sleeve remained bunched up perfectly to facilitate yet another attempt of home building. Oh, the persistence that comes from necessity! Needless to say, the nest in the armpit of the shirt had to go.

The adventure was surely interesting to be a part of. Armpits, chairs or shirts aside, I hope the little chickadees eventually found a place more suitable to raise their offspring. Their homebuilding adventure, though would not be without some degree of questioning about what might have happened to their house.

Image by TheOtherKev from Pixabay