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Surprise! Hello, Buttons!

Surprise! Hello, Buttons!
Surprise! Hello, Buttons!

Surprise! Hello, Buttons! Who doesn’t like surprises? Granted, they come in all shapes and sizes, like an unexpected gift of flowers or hearing an incredible voice in a karaoke bar. There are some surprises, like a broken pipe, or a boogie man, which is less than pleasant. Surprises can be like buttons of wonder. Imagine a shirt and each button is different, representing a plethora of surprises.

What if you planned a day to pursue surprises? Let’s examine the surprise buttons on your shirt. What sort of buttons do you want on your shirt? What would a day of surprises look like? To start with, maybe you uncover a solution to a perplexing dynamic or problem. Another example might be making a new friend. You might even discover something otherwise hidden from view or awareness. Maybe you discovered a new flower or a different berry in your salad which makes a unique taste adventure.

Let’s build a shirt with lots of buttons. Each button is a surprise. Here are some examples. This yellow button reminds me of the unexpected sun in my eyes. Look at that big red one. That one tells a tale of someone who spoke shockingly ugly words to me. I like this pretty golden button that represents the time I spent with a friend today. How about this ornate green one? It speaks to the plant I shared with my Father to brighten his apartment. I love this star-shaped purple one. I can smell the flowers I got for my anniversary when I see that one.

Your pursuit of surprises could be those that you receive, or maybe even those you bestow upon others. Before you close your eyes to sleep at the end of this day, make a mental acknowledgment of some form of surprise – either something you have received or something you shared with someone else. If you feel so inclined to share, I’d love to hear about your surprises. Tell me about your buttons!

Image by LeoNeoBoy from Pixabay