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Where Is That Miracle?

Where Is That Miracle?

When was the last time you intentionally asked for a miracle?

There is a nice little energy that is available to us whenever we want to tap into it. It’s an elegant gift our universe provides to us and all we need to do to access it is ask. Miracle, (state your miracle) find me now.

When you are intentional about asking for something in your life, the forces of nature, that energy, goes to work on your behalf to open the doors for your request to be fulfilled. It doesn’t always appear in the ways we’re expecting it to appear, but it does work, and it works on our behalf.

When your mind wanders around, and you find yourself saying something like, “I wish I had more time to…”, or “wouldn’t it be nice if I could buy that…”, or “I want a friend to…”, the forces of nature are getting fast to work to help to bring your request to fruition. It’s like magic! What helps these little miracles to get to work, in the way in which you intend for them to, is to be mindful of what exactly it is you’re looking for. Be open to making micro-changes within yourself. The energy ‘sees’ your determination and the more it gathers toward making your miracle flourish.

Making a specific requisition, summons this universal energy so it can muster up a result toward your intention. It is something that happens as the energy aligns. Miracles may or may not happen in the time frame you’re expecting, or in the way you’re expecting, but it does happen. As petitioners and observers, we need only open ourselves to the possibilities and be aware of our life surroundings to be able to reap the benefits.

Miracle time to relax, find me now. Looking for fiscal help? Miracle funds to invest in a new pair of shoes, find me now. Miracle moderator to manage my anger with my Mom, find me now. As the wise and wonderful SARK would say, “Ask for it. Ask again. Ask differently. Ask again.” Miracle energies are listening. They are there to help you, and they want goodness for you. It’s just their nature.

Try it! If you feel like sharing, I’d love to hear about the large or small miracles that are finding you. I’m interested in your miracles! Your miracles matter!

Image by Сергей Ремизов from Pixabay