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To me, vibrant looks like warm light being cast upon the earth — the light that radiates through clouds and nourishes all of life. Imagine syrup slathering down a stack of pancakes, spreading goodness wherever it goes. It sounds grandiose, maybe even sticky, but what a wonderful feeling. What does vibrant look like to you?

When I feel vibrant, my entire self feels alive. It’s a glowing, spectacular illumination that radiates through every cell. I feel my body vibrate with a still warmth deep into my soul. Can you remember the last time you felt vibrant? It’s an interesting emotion, but one worth recognizing and it’s even contagious. (What if vibrant was as contagious as COVID? There’s a thought!)

As I think about the function of feeling vibrant, I’m led to appreciate the fire it ignites in the suite of emotions that make me the delightful person I am. When I grasp what it means to feel vibrant, I’m amazed at the subtle shift in my overall energy and well-being. I enjoy having this one in my repertoire of emotions. Dwelling here for a while makes me feel capable, and having it on the sidelines when other emotions, such as anger or frustration, stop by for a visit, brings a balance into the spectrum of who I am.

How do you understand the function of feeling vibrant? As delightful as it is, it’s interesting how challenging it is for me to write about it. Swirl in vibrancy with me for a moment. How does it change how you feel, and what’s the point of recognizing this vibrant emotion?

Now that I’m playing with this emotion, I desire more of it; the intentional focus here has value. I can say it over and over — vibrant, vibrant, vibrant. I feel capable and complete. Experiment with this one for a few moments and tell me what transpires.

We are fluid beings capable of exploring new emotions…

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