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Goodbye Year / Hello Year

Goodbye Year / Hello Year
Goodbye Year Hello Year

Goodbye year / hello year. WOW! Can it be that 2022 is this close to winding down? When did it come to pass that this new year upon us is 2023? It happens in a flash!

We can take this concept of one year passing and another year spawning and scale it down to smaller bits. Perhaps we can gaze upon a retiring month and the start of a new one. Or think of a week winding down and a new one ramping up. Sometimes it is a matter of days ending and new ones beginning, or perhaps moments closing and new ones bubbling to the surface. Pick one that works for you at this moment.

This cyclical idea is a gift in our linear world. There is a natural rhythm that happens when something ends and something new comes to life. I love how our seasons change in this way. Autumn ends and plants go to sleep for winter; winter comes to a close and the sleeping plants wake up. You get the idea. It is a cadence that helps us to take the events in our lives and allow them to change. I feel hope when I think about this idea from a perspective of things working in our lives and the freedom this gives us to let go of what is no longer useful.

Allow this outlook to be present in our thoughts to see liberating, new ideas illuminate. Perhaps something you’re angry about motivates you to make a change. There is a time and place for that anger, and it is okay to feel it. And then, there is a balancing peace that surfaces, which invites us to let go of that anger and turn our energies toward more peaceful ideas. Oh sigh. It is an amazing gift. It’s the holidays — let’s enjoy this gift!

Goodbye year / hello year. As 2022 comes to its conclusion and 2023 makes itself visible, I send you enormous baskets of love. I sincerely wish for you all the wonders you desire.

Image by cherry 叶 from Pixabay