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The Gift of Being Afraid

The Gift of Being Afraid
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What?!!! How can being afraid be a gift?

Being afraid is a part of our lives, serving at times as an essential warning. When we heed this feeling, it can safeguard us and provide security. This aspect of being afraid is indeed a gift.

However, being afraid can also be intimidating and prompt responses we might want to alter. For instance, you might feel afraid of initiating a conversation with your boss or coworker, or proposing an idea. Or, you might be apprehensive about confronting a more challenging aspect of yourself. How can this kind of fearfulness be beneficial?

Consider this: what if, instead of avoiding the feeling of being afraid, we first acknowledge its presence? “Thank you, fear, for accompanying me. What do you wish for me? What are you trying to convey?”

By recognizing and engaging with our fear, it might reveal its purpose. Imagine you’re apprehensive about asking your partner to treat you more kindly in certain situations. This fear could exist to shield you from an aggressive or defensive reaction. What if the feared response actually facilitates a dialogue, despite appearing harsh or insensitive? Is it acceptable for them to react this way, even if you prefer a different response? Is it worth venturing into these waters, even slightly?

Deciding whether the risk is worth taking is a personal choice. In this case, you have acknowledged and accepted your fear, possibly opening a new path. The decision to embrace or disregard this opportunity rests with the other person, but there is wisdom and insight to be gained, regardless of the outcome.

The idea of being afraid as a gift may seem paradoxical. Yet, viewing fear as a gift can unlock new possibilities and insights. Giving fear a distinct voice allows us to delve deeper into understanding and exploring it.

It’s a lot to consider. I send you love for being open to the idea that being afraid could, in fact, be a gift.

Jerome Grey, contributing author